sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014

This is Filippo talking

Mientras releía por milésima vez mis notas, de la música de fondo surgen las siguientes palabras:

Falling through pages of Martens on angelsFeeling my heart pull west
I saw the future dressed as a stranger
love in a space-dye vest

Love is an act of blood and I'm bleeding
a pool in the shape of a heart
Beauty projection in the reflection
Always the worst way to start

This is not how I want it to end
And I'll never be open again...

There's no one to take my blame 
If they wanted to 
There's nothing to keep me sane 
And it's all the same to you 
There's nowhere to set my aim 
So I'm everywhere 
Never come near me again 
Do you really think I need you 

I'll never be open again, I could never be open again. I'll never be open again, I could never be open again. 

And I'll smile and I'll learn to pretend 
And I'll never be open again 
And I'll have no more dreams to defend 
And I'll never be open again 

canción: Space-dye Vest 

Es como si de momento Filippo hablase a los sucesos, se sintió bien que de la nada, pudiese sentir que éste salía para protestar. Eso significa que tiene una personalidad bastante definida ya. Eso me complace. :-P

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